Which areas of consulting do you specialise in?
We specialize in a range of business areas. These include strategic planning, issues resolution, culture assessment, board effectiveness, retention strategies, emergency management, employee surveys and occupational health and safety, to name but a few.
In which countries do you provide consulting services?
We provide consulting services to many countries around the globe.

In many circumstances, we deliver coaching and our services to you via a number of internet based services such as Zoom, Skype & JoinMe. We also use fixed or mobile telephone line and of course email.

What are your fees?
Our rates vary according to the length and nature of the project, but are generally highly competitive. We provide a premium service without charging premium prices. We’re very happy to discuss the project with you and tailor a price to fit.
What type of companies do you work with?
We offer consulting services to many different market segments. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs with us.
Are you able to offer face to face contact?
Face to face contact is offered on an ad hoc basis.

Due to the high cost of travel, all travel & accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the client.

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