Joomag Featured Magazine

After the successful publication of the first issue of iHerp Australia, and the very positive feedback received from the Australian based readership, we continued to look at ways of increasing the readership base for John and his team.

During the search to find the correct digital platform for the magazine, we have built a strong relationship with the support team at Joomag. (They provide some excellent insight in how to use the interactive elements to enhance the publication). Once the first issue was complete and “live”, using the relationships that had been established we had the magazine reviewed by their senior marketing staff for feedback. Our efforts at, not only producing the magazine, but focusing on the relationship with them paid off handsomely as were able to have iHerp Australia placed on the Joomag newsstand featured magazine page of their website and apps.


Featured magazines on Joomag Newsstand

A great result for a start up magazine given the calibre of other publications that feature regularly in this section.